The journey begins

The Fluiconnecto network was born when Manuli Rubber Industries acquired the French company Sonatra, the market leader in France and who were established in 1981.


European expansion

The first network expansion outside France took place in Poland, where a Hydroshop was launched in Myslowice.


Greenfield operations

The network was expanded by setting up Greenfield Hydroshops in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Argentina! With this huge step, we crossed European boundaries into South America and at the same time regrouped the entire network under the Fluiconnecto brand.


Fluiconnecto brand

The Fluiconnecto brand was created and all of the Hydroshops rebranded. With a visual identity and a new mission, we are ready to serve you!


Entering Benelux markets

Fluiconnecto acquired the Dutch group HEBU, who were founded in 1940, expanding its presence in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Welcome, Africa!

The network made its first step into Africa by acquiring Powerforce Hydraulics Witbank (PTY) South Africa.


Fluiconnecto enters Singapore market

Fluiconnecto Singapore was born with the acquisition of SIN AA HYDRAULIC & TRADING.


Australia is on our map

Fluiconnecto continues to expand its network now in Oceania by starting operations in Melbourne.


Fluiconnecto Ranked Top performing company in Singapore

In 2010 Fluiconnecto Singapore was ranked as one of the top performing companies in Singapore among the 40,000 audited companies.


Growing network in South Africa

The South African Fluiconnecto network was expanded with the acquisition of Hydra-Quip, Pretoria.


Fluiconnecto establishes a foothold in the Emirates

Fluiconnecto announced the acquisition of FLUID TECH GENERAL TRADING L.L.C. based in the (UAE) United Arab Emirates as the starting point of our expansion in the Middle East region.


Africa expansion with Botswana joining the network

We announced the acquisition of Fluid Systems Gaborone and Francistown, Botswana. This is the start of Fluiconnecto Botswana, part of our African expansion.


Fluiconnecto expands to mining markets launching a MINING division on the African continent

Fluiconnecto acquired the leading African mining company HYSPEC MINING SERVICES GROUP. Hyspec has operations in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Zambia and headquarters in Australia.

In this way, Fluiconnecto launches its MINING division. By adding the African market to the existing mining countries network Fluiconnecto is now closer to its customers and ready to provide products and advanced services to open pit and underground mines across the continent.


Fluiconnecto entering the Peruvian market

Fluiconnecto sets foot in Peru with the acquisition of our long-time partner TALLERES HIDRAULICOS SAC who were founded in 1995. Talleres Hidraulicos SAC is focused on providing replacement hydraulics parts and service equipment to the mining and exploration industry across Peru.


Welcome to the Ivory Coast

Fluiconnecto continues to expand in Africa through Hyspec Mining Services opening operations in the Ivory Coast.


Democratic Republic of Congo in our network

Fluiconnecto continues to expand in Africa through Hyspec Mining Services opening operations in the (DRC) Democratic Republic of Congo.


New operations in Oman

Fluiconnecto increases its network in the Middle East by opening a company in Muscat, Oman.


Finland, a land of forestry, is the first Scandinavian country in the network

Fluiconnecto announced the acquisition of HYTAR OY, the market leader in Finland and Estonia with a network of 12 wholly owned HydroShops.
Besides expanding in Scandinavia Fluiconnecto is integrating through Hytar a unique experience and know-how in Water Hydraulics.


Fluiconnecto expands in UAE

Fluiconnecto started operations in Abu Dhabi. Fluiconnecto is ready to provide sales and technical support to customers in this region from the new hydroshop.


Fluiconnecto now present in Colombia

Fluiconnecto announced the joint venture with Man-Par Group, a company with more than 25 years experience in Colombia, as part of its network expansion in South America. They are a recognized market leader and operate in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Transport and Industrial markets in Colombia through a network of 2 Hydroshops and 8 on-site workshops.


Growing all over the world

The Fluiconnecto network now operates in 5 continents from over 140 Hydroshops, over 110 On-site Workshops and over 35 Service On-site Vans.