Whether you own a car wash or need to clean industrial facilities or public areas, we have you covered. From hoses to water accessories that supplement your professional machinery we understand the requirements of hot and cold water applications.

Safety first

Our products are designed according to safety norm IEC-2 with safety factor of burst to working pressure 4:1.


  • Car wash machines
  • water-cleaning equipment for enthusiasts
  • professional water cleaning machines

Features of our specialized offer for WATER CLEANING:

  • hoses, fittings, lances, adaptors, nozzles, guns and other accessories = integrated solution
  • wire braid steel hose structure
  • good abrasion resistance
  • non-mark hose cover that will protect car paint
  • high flexibility hoses
  • thermoplastic or rubber hose compounds available
  • max operating temperature 300ºF 150ºC


We understand your daily job can be a risky place to be. After all, holding a water jet gun that blasts water with additives at a pressure of 3200 bar requires skills and safety precautions. Whether you are stripping paint off a ship that is as tall as a 4 storey building, or removing coatings at a factory, we provide the right tools to keep you going safely throughout the day and on. Reliable tools with safety factors according to international standards are a must.

Safety first

The water blasting hose range offered by Fluiconnecto is designed with criteria of maximum robustness and easy handling to meet the safety and performance criteria required in blasting applications.

Features of our specialized offer for WATER BLASTING:

  • thermoplastic or rubber design
  • compactness and flexibility
  • steel layers: reinforced 4 and 6 wire spirals
  • long lengths
  • pressure rated up to 3200 bar
  • high abrasion resistance cover
  • sizes DN3 – DN25

International standards

The safety factor burst/working pressure is 2,5:1. It complies with international specifications (AS/NZ 4233.2, RMA-USA, ISO 7751, BFPA-UK, EN1829-2).


  • removal of paint, coatings and tenacious deposits
  • pipeline & heat exchangers cleaning
  • removal of concrete & hydro demolition
  • tank cleaning
  • roughening of asphalt and concrete
  • scale removal on ships
  • dust elimination